GOP Senators Sounding Coronavirus Alarms

Some of Trump’s loyalists are adopting two sets of standards …. one set of standards dictates that they walk in lock step with Trump on everything (or risk censure) and the other standard that is now emerging is that they are issuing warnings to their constituencies to wear masks and practice social distancing to combat a pandemic that is “Not going to disappear.”

Even with that, there are still a few fanatics in positions of great power in some Republican dominated states who are mounting lawsuits against their own mayors for issuing mask mandates in the worst part of the pandemic and there are other idiots out there blocking testimony by the CDC on issues such as safe returning to schools this year, and there are other idiots trying to publicly discredit the most reputable of the scientists and doctors who have been issuing guidelines and warnings about the pandemic to the American People.

It looks like there is going to be a break between the Senators in Washington and the Governors on the ground in those pandemic-denying right-wing-dominated states and it looks like their idiocy and their negligence and their intransigence are going to cause a lot of innocent Americans to lose their lives.

The whole Washington scene is a shitstorm of ineptitude, ignorance, weakness, lack of leadership, asshole decisions by certain stable geniuses … What possible chance does the average American have for survival at the hands of babbling baboons like these?

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