A Moment In Trump Time

I guess if one is going to make any assumptions about whether Trump’s presidency is good or bad, one has to consider who has the biggest mouth and the largest coverage in the media … the Right Wing or the Left. (It’s a matter of opinion and perspective.) The Trumpies think his every word is Gospel written in the stones of the foundations of Time and Creation themselves and the rest of the voting public either do not know what they think or they would wipe their rear ends on him.

I know that to my way of thinking, the president loves a good fight and a delicious scandal because he is always picking the former and alluding to the latter. This trait tends to make his presidency into something of a TV reality show if you ask me. Somehow he never does quite appear to me to be remotely “Presidential.” But I am biased so don’t depend on anything I might say concerning either the president or his administration. I have nothing against the president … I just wish America had something better going for them right now … especially in tough times when there is need for authentic leadership and not something that appears to have been ripped from the pages of a comic book — The super hero in the orange wig.

Voters who may be entertaining the notion that they will clear all this Trumpian mess up in the coming election should think hard and consider whether there will be an election this time around (The coronavirus might become an excuse to postpone or cancel it) —- and if there is an election, the voters should consider the possibility that the Trumpies will look for and find a way to fuck them out of their vote (Suppression) (Control of the flow of Mail for absentee ballot elimination) or closing a lot of voting precincts or some other fuckery that only desperate minds can conjure.

Does anybody remember that this president was impeached? By this point in time is there any remaining question that since that auspicious occasion, perhaps he should have been impeached a couple more times? But maybe that is wishful thinking. Maybe nobody could uncover any shady dealings or corruption if they were to try the impeachment route again.

Here is something that “The Rude Pundit” said that I totally agree with:

“Fortunately, Trump is a bounty of crime and unethical behavior. Today, as I’m writing this, that piece of shit president and his evil walrus attorney general are announcing that they will be sending an alphabet soup of hundreds of federal law enforcement officers (or, you know, stormtroopers) to Chicago, since the ongoing dress rehearsal in Portland went so well, and that other cities will follow. Trump said, militaristically, “Today I’m announcing a surge of federal law enforcement into American communities plagued by violent crime.” Of course, Trump spoke about this in the rapiest way possible, saying that the cities “need it badly” and “should want it.” Of course, they don’t want it, as governors and mayors have made crystal-fuckin’-clear, but der Trumpen-fuhrer will not be deterred from securing the fatherland (as in “I bet my father would love me if he saw how I’m treating this land”). And, hey, it’s probably unconstitutional for him to be doing this specifically for policing purposes, as Walrus Barr said it would be, so throw another impeachment log on the dead fire.” (End of quote from The Rude Pundit).

The amazing part (In my opinion) of whether the Trump administration has been good or bad is that it doesn’t seem to have been so bad for me so far.

I am still able to buy groceries, there is a roof over my head and clothing on my bones and money in the bank … Trump hasn’t sent any Gestapo into my town yet —

I am not too happy with the way the President has handled the pandemic thus far but then nobody really has been able to do much about the pandemic so maybe that is a catch-22 thing. Maybe nobody ever will be able to do anything about the pandemic thing. Maybe we will have to live with the pandemic thing for the rest of our days or even the days of those who come after us.

Who can tell? All I want to do right now is to prevent virus-spreading bastards with their bare noses sticking out of their masks, spraying their virus everywhere with impunity and disregard for anybody else — I want to keep those assholes as far away from me as I can. I think if I focus on that specific task, I will have enough to do to keep me busy for a long time now.

2 thoughts on “A Moment In Trump Time

  1. The pandemic scare is of course the perfect opportunity for Trump to try out his ‘suppression’ tactics, while everyone with a sensible cell in their brain is worried about dying from the virus.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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