A New Tactic For Republicans To Win In 2020

I don’t know how many other people have noticed that Trump has lately begun to swing around on some of his original statements about things and, by golly, I believe he is starting to sound more like a democrat every time he opens his mouth.

Well, folks, isn’t that the strategy?

He is seeing that his poll numbers are falling into the shit can at an exponential rate because America is tired of his blustering, bragging, arrogance and his mis-steps and his mis-handling and his lack of real leadership — and his lies (More than 2,000 of them so far about important issues) — so what would be a winning tactic to stop the freefall of his polls and win him some points with the American People?

The answer would be for him to reverse course on a few things and talk more like democrats talk about the really important stuff.

But here is the rub to that strategy: Anyone with common sense would already deduce that if Trump wins on his new tactic of sounding like a democrat, you can bet your ass that as soon as the election is over and as soon as they have redesigned his oval office chair to accommodate his ever expanding ponderosity, he will turn right back to being his sweet old self again …. chuckling to himself all the time about how cleverly he pulled the wool over American eyes.

Keep an eye on the Trumpster folks and watch as he suddenly begins to show that he actually cares about such formerly trivial things as the pandemic and the death toll of Americans.

It’s all tragi-comic political theater designed to fool the average buffoon on the street and if we aren’t damned careful, he will do it!

7 thoughts on “A New Tactic For Republicans To Win In 2020

  1. A typical move of all politicians before an election. Wear the other side’s coat for a few days to confuse the issue, then return to business as usual if they win.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. And you will do a better and more thorough job of it and I am waiting to read what you write about it so signal me when it is done please. Thank you.


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