Dear Jerry:

Yesterday was hotter than hades here. It got up to 102 degrees fahrenheit outside and I was doubly thankful for our air conditioner.

I have been cutting back on calories and walking up a long hill here in the neighborhood but that scale simply does not want to budge. I guess when you get to be a certain age you have to settle for what you’ve got and not worry so much about the things that used to bug you.

The Bible says that the devil goes about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. With the way Trump is using those federal agents, I sometimes wonder if he might not somehow be related to the devil. It sure seems to me like he would have no problem devouring people if it suited his agenda … what the hell ever his agenda might be. I am not sure that even he knows what his agenda is these days. I also wonder why some of those federal agents have not seen through what Trump is trying to do with them and raised some kind of objection to misuse of their resources themselves. Maybe they are all young and dumb and full of cum and need to exercise their dicks in the macho way they have been treating people. I was young once and I can relate to that.

Since this covid shit has been running wild I don’t hear a word about what that little idiot in North Korea has been up to, have you? Has he got his atomic bombs yet? Is he still alive or is that sister of his taking it all over? Trump hasn’t spoken a word about Kim Jong Schlemeal since the coronavirus came onto the scene. I wonder how much of North Korea is dead from the virus and nobody knows anything about it?

What ever happened to all the talk we used to hear about Cuba? It seems to me that everything that used to be top cat on the evening news has been replaced by the coronavirus or with shit about what Trump is thinking or doing. I wonder if that is the way the News has of blanking out some really horrible shit that we should know about but that they are not telling us because they are afraid of starting a panic or something?

I went to the store yesterday and there are still dumb bitches not wearing their masks so if I see one they do not get to wait on me at the check out counter. I just tell them, “Either get me a store manager or another clerk to wait on me because you are not going to breathe your infected shit onto me.” Sometimes this causes them to cover their face and nose until they get done checking me out and sometimes it doesn’t work and I just leave the whole load of merchandise on their counter and, as I leave, I look back and say, “Restock that shit!” That has worked for me on a couple of occasions too.

There was a whole shelf at the super market yesterday empty of common eggs. I thought to myself, “Are all the chickens dead of coronavirus or is Trump shipping all the eggs to China or something? The rest of the shelves were still pretty well stocked which tells me that the hoarding assholes have stopped hoarding for the time being. There is even a good supply of toilet paper on the shelves these days. That’s a miracle if you want my opinion about it.

Well I am just happy to still be alive and to see that the local garbage truck is still picking up the garbage and that there is no pile of corpses on the street corner … But it bothers me a little bit that the shit that is happening in Portland seems to be spreading across the country — unless some dick head is sensationalizing the news ….and Trump keeps on pumping those hunky assed federal agents to “Protect” Federal stuff — and the agents are still venturing rather far away from the buildings they are supposed to be protecting and hassling people on streets blocks from where they are supposed to be.

Hey Trump! I have a suggestion for you if you really want to stir some shit up in those beleaguered cities … give your federal private army Confederate Flags to carry into battle with them. And instead of letting those federal private troops of yours beat people over the head with their batons, instruct them to start groping people instead. I think if you did that, a helluva lot of protesters would suddenly forget all about protesting and would run to get their share of the goodies. I mean they are all whores, aren’t they? Horrible whores!

Have you heard what some of the right wing hollow heads are saying about the president these days? Some of the hyper-religious crowd is making the claim that Trump is the president who is going to lead America back to Christ! I cannot believe how damned stupid some of those backward hound chasers in some of those hills and hollers can actually be … believing that Trump is some kind of “Gift” from God. But I am sure that this kind of tag sets well with Trump because I believe sometimes that he is stuck on himself as it is. I think it would make him feel real good to know that he not only has followers but that he has worshipers too.

8 thoughts on “Dear Jerry:

  1. Mosat of the stores I visit the masks are mandatory too but there are always a few dinglewigs working there who walk around with their noses uncovered breathing on everything and everybody — and I think if the store mandates masks for employees and employees refuse to wear them or to wear them properly, their asses should get fired! They are public hazards, after all.

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  2. but people are still ignoring the rules, right? Especially people inside the stores that will be touching your merchandise and blowing all over it and you through their uncovered noses at check out counters.

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  3. A week of rain has our temps down for a change….most of the stores in my area have signs saying no masks no entry… least my governor is doing something right for a change. chuq

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