Is America Blind?

The lies that have been told …. the mis-truths that have been spread …. the blatant attacks on the U.S. Post Office to delay the mail ….. The threats to do away with Social Security and Medicare …. The use of a private army against American protesters exercising their 1st Amendment rights …. the egregious “Birther” campaign against Kamala harris …. The admitted fear of absentee balloting …. how much more must this president do or say before the nation comes alive and wakes up and gets off its ass and begins the legal process that will insure there will not be another term of the same or worse?

I can only imagine what horrors might ensue if this president gets another term and feels like he has a “Mandate” from The American People to do whatever he damn well pleases to do!

Is The President Sabotaging The Post Office?

Thursday, Aug 13, 2020 · 12:58:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time · SemDem

“Trump just admitted he is sabotaging the post office to stop vote by mail. Dem leaders need to get an injunction and even consider impeachment, since this is a criminal act. It’s the right thing to do and I don’t care if the Senate acquits him—they will each have to go on record with destroying the USPS, and this puts the issue front and center. Most people don’t know this sabotage is even going on.”

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MORE: “Take your absentee ballot to the post office and pay for first class stamps to put on it even if it says “no postage necessary”.  Ask the PO person to post mark it while you watch.  This way it MUST be processed as first class mail and you are sure it was postmarked.  If it costs a buck and a half it’s well worth it!”

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America needs to wake up now!

This blog post needs to go viral now!

Mail Sorting Machines Being Removed From Postal Facilities All Over The United States!

Mail is piling up on postal facility work floors as new orders from the Postal big wigs are causing essential mail sorting machines to be removed from several critical areas in the mail distribution system according to reports.

“Blatant attempt to slow down delivery of mail,” some are protesting!

Everybody already knows that Trump hates the postal service and would like to see it all dissolved and replaced by a plan for privatization according to some experts who are keeping an eye on this tragedy.

Those millions of potential mail-in absentee ballots that are supposed to flood into the Postal Services for distribution and forwarding to counting centers seem to be really alarming somebody in washington …. perhaps somebody who has already gotten a whiff of the concept that they might actually lose the election in 2020.

Check this out……. “The United States Postal Service is removing mail sorting machines from facilities around the country without any official explanation or reason given, Motherboard has learned through interviews with postal workers and union officials. In many cases, these are the same machines that would be tasked with sorting ballots, calling into question promises made by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy that the USPS has “ample capacity” to handle the predicted surge in mail-in ballots.” ( Read all about it in the original article:

Americans need to wake up fast and understand what is trying to be done to them and to their valued, revered, iconic and treasured national institutions …. including the Constitution which some say is being shredded in Washington these days at an alarming rate.

I report; you decide.

I lost a follower again. I guess some people have a hard time accepting the truth. Too bad. The thing is that people who are supposed to be here will come and those who are not supposed to be here? Oh well … good luck to everybody is what I always say. You get what you pay for and when you get me, you get the best there is. Ask me and I will tell you!

Why Do White Evangelical “Christians” Worship President Trump?

Opinion Editorial
by John
Blog Author

Maybe the reason most white evangelical “Christians” worship Trump (and believe me when I tell you that “Worship” is not too strong a word because I believe most of them would throw themselves into a fire if he asked them to …) Maybe Trump’s allure for the right wingers who claim to be “Born Again” begins with his widely-publicized admission that he is (was) an enthusiastic “Pussy Grabber.” Maybe “Pussy Grabbing” is one of the unwritten Ten Commandments for the religious right in this country.

Maybe they worship him because he has set the new Christian standard of having been married three different times …. a new morality rising here … marry as often as you like, it is nobody’s business … not yours, not theirs, not God’s even!

Maybe it is because the Right Wing religious who support him believe that someday in the future he will manage to pass laws allowing the stoning of homosexuals and transgenders.

Maybe it is because he has pandered to the religious Right virtually or actually promising them that he will always support their every religious extremist views and maybe they see him as the “Savior” of the country in times when morality has left the room.

Maybe it is because the rabid religious right wingers are so sexually repressed that they are looking for somebody with leadership qualities who will more or less be guaranteed to stick excesses and unbalanced lunacy up into the dark recesses of their unmentionable regions. Maybe they perceive those redemptive qualities in Trump. I don’t know but I do know that if you talk to some of the sons of b**ches, you will find out they are as fanatically supportive of “Their President” as any rabid faction could ever be for any president who ever lived.

Trump Promises To Terminate Social Security If He Gets Re-Elected In 2020

Right now, he is apparently satisfied with a temporary cessation of payroll tax deductions from workers’ paychecks … and he is using the difficulties cause by coronavirus as the excuse. Everyone should know by now that those payroll tax deductions are what feeds Social Security and Medicare, two iconic programs that have kept millions of elderly and disabled citizens out of poverty for nearly a Hundred years now.

The president (If that is what you still wish to call him) reportedly went onto some television program just a few days ago and publicly declared that if he is reelected in 2020, he will see to it that Social Security and Medicare will be totally and permanently eliminated from the American Scene.

“We just heard it straight from Trump’s own mouth:  If reelected, he will destroy Social Security.” —Social Security Works!” — That is what one observer had to say about it all.

It has been reported that after the president made this declaration, his campaign got all hot and bothered about the idea and started bragging it up on social media. So you see, folks, it is apparently not just Trump who is happy with the idea of impoverishing millions of elderly and disabled Americans … it is a lot of his closest cronies as well.

The problem, as I see it with all this news is that when he was first running for the office of President, the liar-in-chief promised to protect Social Security and Medicare. It seems to me like he has had another change of heart about the matter.

“”Social Security is the foundation of everyone’s retirement security,” Altman added. “At a time when pensions are vanishing and 401ks have proven inadequate, Trump’s plan to eliminate Social Security’s revenue stream would destroy the one source of retirement income that people can count on. Moreover, Social Security is often the only disability insurance and life insurance that working families have. If reelected, Trump plans to destroy those benefits as well.” —- The foregoing quotation is from an article I was reading which you can read too if you wish …..

He already managed to cut the unemployment benefit that laid off workers were receiving …. a $600 stipend to tide them over during the pandemic … to $400 and he placed responsibility on the various states to provide $100 of that amount. If the states can’t afford the price tag, then those who had been counting on that $600 might end up getting only $300. This is the “Make America Great Again” factor at work, I suppose.

If he is successful in terminating Social Security and Medicare, I can’t wait to hear some of the squeals and squawls that will come from even some of those who think he is the great big political God who loves and cares for everybody — If he does eliminate these social safety net programs, don’t some of the idiots that support him right now understand that he will be shafting them in the ass as well as everybody else?

Are people that damned dumb?

Catching Up

In the midst of the pandemic it seems as if schools around the United States are hell-bent on reopening as fast as possible because the general thinking is that when kids are kept out of in-person school experiences, they suffer some kind of damage … mental …anyway that is the argument that I have been hearing although I have to say I never heard any such crap when I was going to school all those years ago. I guess today’s kids are either a lot more fragile than they once were or professional perceptions of them have failed to recognize their self-contained resilience and ability to cope and to adjust when not inhibited by societal over protection.

So the idea is to cram as many kids into schools as possible as quickly as possible and all I can see happening is a new pandemic rising from such ill advised actions … a new pandemic driven by the millions of kids that will become infected and who will then carry their infections home with them and spread them to the local community like a raging wildfire. It is already happening in Georgia, a state that kind of acted like a role model for the early school opening urge …. more than 200 new covid cases in one Georgia school district only two days after the rush to reopen — and it will get worse … I believe you can bet your bottom dollar on that one.

I knew it was coming and now I am reading that President Trump has indicated a desire to have his image preserved as an addition to iconic Mt. Rushmore. Stop reading for a minute and let that idea sink in — Trump wants his image to rest forever beside the four presidents already on the national monument. I do not wish to piss on Mr. Trump’s parade, but I find that idea a little off-putting for some reason that I cannot readily put my finger on at the moment. It is the same feeling that sweeps over me when I ponder the idea of adding a chapter to The Holy Bible detailing the life and adventures of Trump.

Read this when you are in the bathroom. It might help your bowels to move a little better:

The President has just recently signed executive orders, one of which is designed to put a halt to the payroll deduction tax (The deduction from paychecks that pays for social security and medicare …. you remember “Cash strapped and imperiled social security and medicare, don’t you? —– and a more recent report I read said that the president would really love to make the stoppage of the payroll tax deductions permanent. If he makes those deductions permanent then there is no source of income for either social security or medicate and eventually both programs would disappear. Are you ready for that to happen?

It’s all so crazy and the worst part of it all is that we might get saddled with four more years of the same … or worse … if The Donald gets re-elected. Is America really that damned stupid?