Big Tech Grilled By Congress

I guess the Trump administration must think that Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook are too big and have too much power so they grilled the heads of the media giants in a hearing recently.

If memory serves me right, these big tech giants are private businesses that worked hard to get as big as they are and they do provide what I believe to be essential services to the nation and to the world.

In the face of government interference, I tell you now what I would do if I were the CEOs of these big businesses: I would tell the government to back off or face all four of them liquidating their assets and turning their massive switches to “Off”.

If the government wants to control private enterprise so stringently then the private enterprises under attack should just shut down their services and tell the government, “If you can do better then here is your chance because we are finished!”

4 thoughts on “Big Tech Grilled By Congress

  1. I remember when we only had one bill from our utility company too … nice and simple.. and since Reagan — nothing but hassle and complication … charges for this and charges for that … charges for delivering energy … other charges from the same supplier of an equal amo9unt for God knows what … I would just shut the big corporations down and let the would-be’s fill their shoes … which they can never do. It would teach people to be satisfied with a good thing when they get it …

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  2. The extent of the control exerted my social media and software companies is very worrying. But government interference would only mean the government seeking to control us anyway. It would be ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’, I reckon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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