About The Blog and I

This blog is a blog made up almost exclusively of the personal opinions of the blog author.  So I make no representations that any thing I say on this blog is always 100% accurate — so do not depend on anything presented here as the unvarnished, Gospel Truth …. In other words, check other resources to get a more complete picture and to help overcome my blatant bias on most of the things I talk about here.

But keep in mind that my motivation for writing this blog is first to entertain and secondly to try to help save some people’s asses from making wrong choices — a daunting task because most people’s minds are already made up on a subject before I ever take up keyboard and fingers to write a blog post.

There are some factual materials included, of course, as need dictates.

One might ask, “Who would be interested in the “Opinions” of a single individual when there are so many millions of individual opinions on an entire universe of subjects?

A lot of the time, people who read articles in all sorts of media read opinions in the hope of having their own opinions about things validated or challenged. It always feel good when one can find common ground with other people; It always feels better to know that there are others who think as we (You) do. In that concept, there a value to be gained from reading opinion blogs.

But, I also include some articles on this blog that are educational in nature. (Read the Blog Disclaimer Page at this point).

That is what the blog is about. Now, who am I and what is there about me that would induce anyone to read the things that I write about? Here is a limited bio of myself and I will let you be the judge of whether or not you might find anything useful in my writings:

I am a veteran of Two different branches of The United States Military and I have two different Honorable Discharges as a consequence of that service …. a total of 7 years and 3 months of active service for record. I am what is lovingly called, in some circles, a “Vietnam Era Veteran.”

I have published community newspapers, house organs for several industries and private businesses and have edited and reported for one Military Base newspaper for which I received recognition for excellence in the publications.

I have been an entrepreneur, owning and running several small business during my lifetime and was an honorary member of several community service organizations as a Teen Aged Entrepreneur.  As an adult, I have been recognized by a major Credit Collections and Credit Analysis Company, and have held several positions at various managerial levels in at least three different manufacturing firms.

By the time I was 38 years old I had a million dollar credit rating and I thought that was swell. Then money got to be a problem because I didn’t know how to handle it and I went stone cold bankrupt in 1978. Since those unfortunate times, I have regained enough financial equilibrium to be comfortable again.

I have attended both a private business college and a major university. I have successfully completed several seminars and certificate courses at the college level, —I have been known as “Honorary Professor” by many of my academically-inclined friends because of certain associations with various institutions concerned with advanced education, most notably in the North Western United States and The Southern Ohio area; have been a notary public and full charge credit manager with responsibility for more than a million dollars in commercial accounts. I have been an ordained minister in one organized Christian Evangelical church. I have had some broadcast experience with radio. My general skills include some experience in the field of Advertising and Promotion and I have done extensive public relations work at various times.

I am a Christian, Naturally-Born American Citizen and Family man, having been married to the same woman for more than 33 years. I am widowed at present.

My politics tend to change from time to time. I have been, in the past, a determined and dedicated Liberal Democrat and am, presently, a Registered Republican. I can be Centrist at times and Independent at other times depending on my mood and on what I am seeing happening in the world. My views are not set in stone and can be changed if I am presented with credible hard evidence to justify such a change.  I do not waffle but, like I said, if a circumstance demands an alteration of a viewpoint, I can do it after much careful thought, research and analysis.

I often appear very arrogant and vain to readers but I assure you that sometimes I write for entertainment purposes only and I do like to shock people because I believe it helps to make readers think more deeply about issues.

If I can think of anything else to write on this page, I will do so from time to time.

But for now, that’s about the size of everything and welcome to the blog. I am so honored and pleased that you have chosen to stop by.