About This Blog

This blog is shit and everything written on it is either the author’s own twisted opinion or is a parody of something or is an outright lie … unless otherwise noted.  You can learn more about my habits in this regard by speaking to the closest American Liberal Radical Leftist (Commonly known in the vernacular of the vulgar as “Democrat.)


It is hard to crack the nut about me because I am so reclusive. I am also 81 years old, eccentric as eccentric can ever get, opinionated out the ass, hard-headed as granite dog turds, a U.S. Military Veteran (Don’t thank me for my service) with 7 years and 3 months active duty in the Regular U.S. Air Force (1962-1966) and in the U.S. Army National Guard (1957-1960).

I am a widowed male, having been married to the same woman ( a real woman, not somebody whose sexuality was confused) for 33 years …. I procreated Three fine sons who are all now a lot taller and heavier than I am (and I am grossly obese according to the idiot doctors who want to stuff everybody into the same profile rather than doctoring them as individuals) [asshole doctors] but  I am, at the same time, hard as a rock (Muscle-Wise) because I lifted weights and power walked and ran and worked at hard physical labor jobs for many years before I built my own little fiscal kingdom.

I am grateful to God and to Jesus Christ for having gotten me this far and I am grateful for every minute of every day that passes.

I have extensive Business and Business-related background, I have been a journalist on a number of local newspapers and a few in-house Industrial journals …. I had one article published in a brand new Outdoors-type magazine a few long years back … It was the first issue of the magazine and I never wrote another one for a magazine after that.

I have been full charge credit manager for a large Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop operation with personal responsibility for more than a million dollars worth of accounts per month for several years after having established, operated and abandoned several business ventures of my own.  By 1975 I had a personal credit rating of more than a Million dollars and I went bankrupt in 1978 from careless management of my personal assets and funds. Since that horrible time, I have recovered to the point where I can live out the rest of my years with no worries.

That is some of my background … If I think of anything else that might be interesting I will come back here and update this page.

In the meantime, if you are here, I am glad … I am honored … I am thrilled that you have chosen to spend some of your valuable time with me and I hope you find something on these pages that might be entertaining, helpful in some manner or useful to you.