From The Frying Pan Into The Fire

So Dr. Anthony Faucci suddenly gets muted by the White House … No more of that scientific bullshit from the mouths of medical people who have spent their careers dealing with pandemics and contagion … Herr Trumpfk knows it all …. His knowledge transcends all science!

The U.S. Cuts ties with the World Health Organization in the midst of a raging pandemic and keeps on getting worse and worse. Great move on the part of the orange Father in Washington! Great move!

The Great all-knowing, all present and all seeing narcissist in the oval office is now at war with the Center For Disease control …. how long now before the CDC gets defunded or dismantled because it does not paint glowing roses on the royal underwear?

The White House Coronavirus Task Force is reportedly scheduled for demolition …. Trump apparently doesn’t like the idea of a bunch of doctors and scientists telling the American People what is good for them ….

Does anybody except myself get the gnawing uncomfortable suspicion that somebody in Washington wants to distance the American People from all possible help that can be gained from the best medical and scientific minds in the country in the midst of the worst pandemic in history so that the narcissistic inclinations of a single power mad individual can achieve supremacy above all other considerations?

Does there come a point when the American People awaken to what is being done to them and begin their pushback against the insanity?

I can almost see Putin laughing his ass off as the Trumpster does more ridiculous things to endanger the lives of even more of our fellow citizens.

I have heard stories of some people having dreams in which they saw Russian and Chinese troops patrolling the streets of America to keep order.

What better way to conquer a country than to destroy it’s economy, it’s citizens and it’s political will from within … and a super bug like this coronavirus would be a very effective weapon to achieve such a conquest … and one of the best ways to serve the interests of our enemies abroad would be to encourage the spread of the virus with such actions as are being taken to take science and medicine out of the equation — the very kinds of actions coming out of Washington.

Doesn’t all that is happening seem to be a little bit too big a price to pay for impeaching somebody?

Arizona Governor” Dismantle Coronavirus Task Force.”

First, listen to this and pay attention:

After you have listened to that, then consider this suggestion:

Instead of dismantling The Federal Coronavirus Task Force, let us designate the State of Arizona as the official place where all the people with Coronavirus disease are sent to until such time as they recover or …. Let’s make the entire state into the official Coronavirus Camp for The United States.

I think one idea is just as nutty as the other, don’t you?

That “Freedom Caucus” is really something isn’t it?

Why not stop all the efforts to contain, to treat or to stop this virus and just let the shit run its course until it has infected and/or killed as many people as it can and then start looking for ways for those who remain to live a somewhat normal new normal?

The Mandates Are Official

Death, Halloween, Horror, Man, Monster

Our governor has now ordered mask mandates for 7 counties in our state because of horrific rising numbers of covid19 cases … some of which are among the young, a group heretofore supposedly immune to infection.

So tonight at 6 p.m., masks will be mandated by state government for everybody inside of a building such as stores, theaters, restaurants and what have you … There will be exceptions for people with doctor excuses … and for people with certain handicaps … but for the rest of the 99-percent, the law will be wear the mask or pay the fine.

But there is a new problem now.

It seems like some of Trump’s avid fanatics who also happen to be law enforcement officials are starting to declare that they have no intention whatsoever of enforcing the mask mandates. They are passing off enforcement to the various health departments.

Lawless law enforcers are what are now rising on the American horizon. “If we don’t like a law we are not going to enforce it!” Very much in the image of their feckless leader in Washington.

Another reason for me to support defunding their asses!

All this makes me wonder, “If I am going about my business somewhere when I am out and about and I am wearing my mask to protect my health from the virus or the germs of the reckless “Others” …. the “Anti-Maskers” and the Anti-Masker jumps my shit because I am promoting a hoax that is endangering their health by wearing my mask … and if the anti-masker gets violent with me … can I defend myself legally?

Is it time to start carrying a high powered pepper spray wherever I go in case of attack by the Trump Zombies?