Vanity Of All Vanities


Vanity, Vanity, All Is Vanity!
I am a vain person. I know it! I confess it! I am not ashamed of it.

I mean, after all, I have spent more than 8 decades succeeding and failing and then succeeding again and I have gotten where I am today by pure guts, grit, opportunities taken advantage of and …. Divine Intervention. I am entitled to a little vanity!

One sign of my vain nature has been my tendency to be overly concerned about how many people I can attract to read this blog. That, in itself, is a totally frustrating and mostly useless exercise in both arrogance and vanity.

So, I have been guilty of doing what most vain bloggers do —- I have posted my posts in big, bold letters (almost shouting, actually) and I have been overly concerned with width of the material, space between the lines, quality of the typeface and a whole bunch of other things that blogging experts (I detest the word, “Experts” because in most cases I have found that “The Experts” don’t really know any more about anything than I do …. I mean how many of the “experts” are millionaires or billionaires after all?

Hey, “Experts,” show me your accomplishments in life and I will decide whether to view you as experts or not.

Right now, I am in a guilty mode for all the vain things I have said and done and for the time being I am reducing the size of all this blog crap because I don’t really have a right to believe that I have anything to say to anybody about any subject under the sun because most everybody knows more about things than I do already …. and who the f**k am I to come along and pretend to be somebody that I am not?

I blog about politics!

Why do I blog about politics?

I blog about politics because I like stirring the shit and there is no more shit to be stirred anywhere else than in politics.

Now you have a grain of truth from me …. for a change.

So I am not going to obsess anymore (for awhile any … I am so damned unsettled and changeable that it is not funny) — I am not going to obsess about appearances and blog visits and numbers or any of that other senseless useless crap … and I am just going to spill my guts in rants about anything and everything that comes along —- and, as usual I am going to be controversial as hell.

So good morning and God bless you … and if you are here, then know that I appreciate you for taking your precious time to visit with me this morning.  I will do my damndest to entertain you, to inform you or to shock you.

Love to everybody,


Americans Are Optimistic About Trump Economy Despite Leftist Denials

The Dimwit-O-Crats just keep on pushing their socialist fantasies about the Economy even though everybody who doesn’t have a boner on for Trump will exult in how the economic policies of the Republicans are making life easier for more and more Americans with each day that passes.

No Candido For Me

I didn’t celebrate Valentines’ Day, essentially because there is nobody left alive for me to love …. and I am too fat to eat all the candy …..

I guess Bernie is surging in the polls in Texas while Trump’s poll numbers are on the decline (In the fertilized feral kinda-minds of the Leftard intelligencia.

Some judge that was appointed during the administration of George W. Bush reportedly told somebody that America is in danger of becoming a banana republic under President Trump.  But the judge who said that apparently forgot that America actually did become a banana republic under the Obama administration.

Somebody told me that if Bernie becomes president, he intends to issue an executive order making marijuana legal in all the states and another order that will  pardon and expunge the records of everybody that has been convicted of a crime in connection with pot —- I always thought there might be something wrong with Candidate Sanders and now I think I am getting the drift of what it might have been.

I am told that 9 Democratic Senators have asked for Attorney General Barr to resign his post …. but in the world where I live, it would be better for the country if all the Democrats squatting in Senate seats were to resign ….

I heard that Elizabeth Warren (Who?) has called for the disruptirobing of AG Barr as well ….. you know ….. that lady who flies in private jets and who speaks of representing the interests of the poor people ….. that lady who will very soon, (In my humble opinion) have to get out of the race for president and go back to doing whatever she was doing before she had the ridiculous idea of becoming president.

There are some people in this country who are suggesting that the things that Candidate Mike Bloomberg says and does is too close to the way President Trump says and does things for their comfort zones.  I think I am starting to notice that also.

According to all the News reports I can read, Bernie is now on top (according to the polls). So I guess, at this point in the game, it is better to be a “Top” than it is to be a “Bottom.” LOL

There are alarmists running around screaming that they fear thousands of people will starve to death in The United States if those new restrictions on food stamps that Trump wants to get passed actually pass. —- Here’s the flash for that bunch of numbskulls: Nobody starved before there was such a thing as food stamps and nobody is going to starve as long as people can beg, borrow or steal … which is what a lot of those on that rung of social development are known to be experts at.


The Power And Appeal Of The Human Voice! Separating The Beasts!

I can tell you right off the bat that I am not attracted to some of those screeching female voices that have invaded much of the broadcasting sphere these days ….. it sounds like a constant squeaky whine and it is irritating.  Maybe that is the way it is meant to be.  But when I hear one of these high-pitched, moderately shrill-voiced ladies pretending to be experts about something in front of a camera or a microphone, it makes me want to gag and run in the opposite direction …. or at least, switch the dial to another station.

I do love the sound of a higher-on-the-scale female voice, however …. the ones without the sound of authoritarianism attached to their vocalizing ….. because a melodious higher-pitched female voice is soothing, calming, pleasant-to-the-ear and evokes visions of youth and properly feminine.

A man with a high-pitched voice, on the other hand, evokes for me a vision of an effeminate creature requiring a lot of understanding, acceptance and even protection. I am speaking about if high-pitched is his normal range, not if he was a victim of a World War I-Style mustard gas attack or something. I believe the male voice should be basal, low in pitch, confident, self-assured, in control.

A husky-voiced woman, on the other hand, evokes for me visions of my sadistic fourth grade teacher …. she weighed over 300 pounds, and made the floorboards creak when she walked on them, had a very dark and threatening demeanor and loved to crack kids across the knuckles with a wooden ruler.

When I hear the low-rumbling female coming my way, I give plenty of space and distance between us and when a man with a higher pitched voice appears, my sympathies, compassion and protectiveness boil up to the surface … along with a lot of pity …. I get this inner compulsion to think, “Maybe this dude should think about wearing a dress or something ….” (Totally unmanly in my estimation.)

Socialists Are Always Denying Who And What They Are! One Big BS Smoke Screen!

Most (and I emphasize “Most”) Socialists are in a dangerous state of denial about who and what they are in The United States.

They will tell you, “There is no such thing as “Real” socialism in The United States.

But, if one is astute, perceptive and patriotic, they will take off the blinders and understand a few things about their “Not Really Socialist” komrades.

What the Left — ( The Socialist Radical Left) is trying to define out of existence with their constant denials is a second Holocaust: decades of gulags, killing fields, torture, repression, and poverty inflicted on hundreds of million of people. And it’s an evil that continues claiming victims today, in part because socialism denial has seeped so deeply into our culture. It’s time to stop tolerating it, in the same way we don’t tolerate Holocaust denial, and for the same reason: to make sure it won’t happen here.

The previous quote is paraphrased from the following:


Time For The President To Clean House

There were far too many “Never Trumpers” included in the mix when President Trump won back in 2016 …. and most of them managed to hang on ….but there is hope for 2020 if the President wins a second term ….

“If Trump is reelected this year, then he will be well-positioned to smoothly transition into a second term strongly supported by an administration fully staffed with people loyal to Trump’s agenda. If the worst happens, then this move is a sure contender for a winner of the Too Little Too Late Award.”

I don’t want to hear any more Liberal whining when the President takes steps to rid his administration of turncoats and to replace them with loyalists.  He should have done it a long time before now. In overlooking his duty to surround himself with people loyal to his agenda, he lost a lot of effectiveness during the past few years.

But, he can fix it in 2020.

I, for one, hope he does fix it.

House Dems Fret About Possible Sanders Nomination

Democrats are reportedly telling news reporters that if Bernie Sanders wins the nomination of the party to run for president, the Democrats will surely suffer loss at the polls in 2020.

One source said, “Sanders now tops the national polls, and his supporters were feeling confident. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., called the Vermont independent’s campaign so far “excellent.”

I have conflicting views about this development.

One one hand, I would welcome a Sanders nomination if it meant the defeat of the Democrats in 2020.

On the other hand, I would worry a great deal about some of his supporters blowing trumpets of praise his way ….Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) being among them.

Either way, it is my opinion that if Sanders were to actually become the next president, we will all lose … big time!

How To Convert Liberals Into Conservatives In A Hurry

Liberals in America pride themselves on being open and accepting of people both advantaged and disadvantaged.  In fact, American Liberals view themselves as some of the most generous and loving and accepting people on the planet.

But when the all-inclusive Liberals are faced with construction of a homeless shelter in their back yard, they quickly lose their liberal tendencies … in a flash sometimes …. “Not in my backyard!”


No Sh*thole People, Please, We’re Rich Liberals