Family Fridays #9

People have gone absolutely insane and here is one blogger who is living the nightmare as it unfolds around her …..

By Hook Or By Book


Well, guys, another week has gone by. Here are the latest numbers from Alabama. There are now 13,414 people who have tested positive for Covid-19, and 529 who have sadly passed away. From last Thursday that’s an uptick of 2,313 positives and 56 deaths. In the last fourteen days there’s been a staggering new 4,336 cases. In the last 24 hours alone, there have been over 674 new cases. As you can see, cases are still steadily rising and the rest of the news is even more worrying. There’s been a huge uptick in numbers in our state capitol of Montgomery, and the mayor, Steven Reed, has warned that the city’s healthcare system is “maxed out.” While as of right now they’re not expected to run out of ventilators, last night they were down to one ICU bed and had started sending patients to Birmingham which is 90 miles away…

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States Opening Too Fast

According to all the reports I have been reading and hearing on the news, many of the states who tried to open too fast are suffering outrageous new spikes of the coronavirus pandemic.
This is what happens when a lot of people who think they know something and who really know nothing take it upon themselves to take severe risks with the health and well being of their citizens.
The people who have been protesting the protective measures (Lock downs and social distancing) and who have been complaining about having their “Freedoms” taken away by required social protective regulations are about to get a hard lesson in the consequences of ignorance and stubborness.
Because of idiots like these, there are now probably going to be tens of thousands of new coronavirus deaths.
Nothing like experience as a teacher is there?

New Investigations Needed

THE PRESIDENT says that he has been taking Hydroxychloroquin for awhile now and that he feels fine. Nancy Pelosi said something to suggest that the president is obese — but I don’t have the details on that. —- My question is, “Is the president really taking that stuff?” I think we need to get a special committee together on The Hill in Washington to find out whether the president is really taking Hydroxychloroquin or whether he is not. I believe it is a matter of national security at this point. Yes, a full Congressional investigation. And when that one is over, let’s see if taking that stuff while being President is an impeachable offense or not. When that one is over, let’s get another investigation started to determine whether the president really is obese or not and to find out if there are any national security issues surrounding that controversy …. “Fat President or Not Fat President? That Is The Question.”


I guess my new start up business of selling used underwear and used covid-19 face masks is never going to get off the ground. I am afraid it is going to go the way of my other start up business where I was offering to custom embroider people’s bank account passwords on Tee-Shirts and Hoodies. My first failure was when I started a funding page to collect donations so that I could buy eyeglasses for near-sighted owls and implants for squirrels with bad teeth.

Hydroxy-Trump – Obese – Age – WTF?

The President has said that he has been taking the anti-malarial drug, hydroxy-what the hell ever it is for a week now ….. He had been touting that drug as the answer to the coronavirus problem for awhile …. and now he says that he has been taking it himself.

Pelosi has suggested somewhere (maybe on a tweet) (Maybe on an interview somewhere) that the president is overweight —-

So my question this morning is, “With Trump taking that hydoxy-crap against most doctors’ medical advice … and with his weight and with his age …. has he become a self-liquidating asset to the nation?

Prospectus Pandemia

Will a full One Third of the entire population finally die from coronavirus? No one knows. There is no way for anybody to know. So far all the projections are the best guesswork of “Experts” who often disagree with each other. The death rate keeps climbing every day …. eventually the government is going to put the lid on reporting about how many new cases there are …. If the government fails to do that, there is real possibility of anarchaic resistance to reality in the streets.

If this thing doesn’t come under control pretty quickly, I think emergency services and law and order are going to be negatively impacted …. maybe even to the point that they will be unable to do their jobs at a certain point in time.

With the winter coming in the future, we have to worry about whether or not the fuel supply will be able to get distributed to consumers or whether fuel will be rationed at some point. (It is your turn this month to heat your home for two days a week.). If those who produce and distribute the fuel are shut down by the pandemic, we will all have to learn to heat our homes with whatever we can find that burns.

Electric lights, appliances and communications devices? All in danger of being disrupted or out of service for long periods of time.

Already I can’t walk into a bank lobby to transaction business. I have to depend on drive up services at windows or on automated teller machines that somebody has to keep filled with money. What happens when the automated teller machines run out of cash and there is no one left to fill them up again?

Drinking water? We take it for granted don’t we? What happens when the person who puts the purification chemicals into the water is out sick and all the hand washing over burdens the water system and it fails to provide adequate amounts of safe water?

I think hope resides in development of an all-inclusive vaccine that the anti-vax people can refuse to take so that they can be free to spread their infection to the rest of the world.

How far are we now from these nightmarish realities? The real nightmare is that, at this moment, nobody can be sure how far we are away from the nightmares …. we might well be right smack dab in the middle of the developing nightmare right now as I type.

Watch those prices at the grocery store climb as the coronavirus “Hoax” shuts down the food supply chain —- famine on the way!
Also, experts are saying that we should keep our Vitamin D levels because they say that we are more susceptible to bad coronavirus outcomes if our vitamin D levels are low. This might be bullshit or some kind of conspiracy, but I never discount anything out of hand because where there is smoke there is always some form of fire.