President Issues Kudos To Journalist At Coronavirus Press Briefing

The president complimented a news reporter at his briefing today, calling him “one of the nicest reporters I have ever met.”

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The press conference was about coronavirus and was held in the Rose Garden at the nation’s capital. The President not only complimented the reporter, but he also indicated that he thought the media was being fair and nice and doing a great job.

The reporter that got the compliment from the president was Yamiche Alcindor and the reporter had asked the president a question about some remarks that he had made on Fox News about the high volume of respirators that were going to be needed to combat coronavirus.

It appears that some of the governors of several states have been telling the president they have no use for any additional medical equipment other than that which they have on hand and the president has reportedly been trying to shove more and more such equipment down the different states’ throats.

The president was very positive and upbeat during the press conference, taking all the time needed to answer every journalist’s questions in the minutest detail and commenting on how cooperative and helpful the press had become since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreaks.

The president was very humble, reserved and articulate  and didn’t refer to himself or anything wonderful or beautiful he has done even once at this news conference and was lavish in his praise for everybody involved in battling the coronavirus.

The president mentioned that his administration could be doing a better job at supplying ventilators and other needed supplies to the various cities who need them and mentioned that everybody in the battle was on the same team.

The president hinted at the fact that the states had not been requesting enough ventilators and expressed the opinion that many more would be needed than had been requested. He promised that if there was anything wrong with the delivery system on these items, the administration was probably to blame and that he accepted full responsibility for any delays and pledged to find a solution to any problems in that area.

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We Can’t Save “Grandma” And The Economy Too!

Trump is reported to have said recently something on the order of, “We can’t let the cure (for coronavirus) become worse than the problem itself.”

Now it appears to me that the general attitude in Trump Land is, “There is no way that we are going to be able to save the economy without throwing Grandma under the bus.”

At the beginning of this coronavirus mess, it was whispered that the president was more concerned about scaring the investors in the money markets than he was in the impending health crisis itself.

Now there are tales going around that the president is more concerned with what keeping the country on lockdown ( a critical health precaution) is going to do to his chances for re-election than he is with people’s health and well being.

Recently it was reported that the president balked at a 1-billion-dollar price tag for 80,000 ventilators for critically ill coronavirus patients.

The bad news —– if there is any news about it at all —- is that Trump’s loyalists are reportedly starting to promote, emphasize and amplify his concerns —– which means (In my opinion) that the economy is going to “Trump” doing everything possible to deal with the coronavirus and to render critically-needed health care to the American People.

But have no fear —- We will still have four more years of this administration once the elections of 2020 are done and over ….. if, indeed there even is an election —– Somebody might figure out that it is too dangerous to allow a lot of people to congregate at polling places —– Maybe the election will be postponed for 4 years or so —– out of concern for people’s health.

Whadda ya think?

Texas Lt. Governor Says Old People Should Volunteer To Die To Save The Economy

Are you old? —– Are you ready to volunteer to die to save the economy because of coronavirus? —– Some of the extreme Right Wing crowd now apparently believes that if you are elderly you should volunteer to die in order to save the economy — (For the rich , no doubt)!

My opinion:  If the Right Wing is talking about old people volunteering to die, I wonder how long it will be before some of them come up with the idea that “Volunteering” isn’t necessary but that the government should accommodate them for the good of the country?

Can you say “Undesirables?” —- Repeat after me, “Un-desirables!”

Read it —–HERE.

Legal Or Not In A Life And Death Situation!

Rhode Island has been sending out the National Guard to stop cars with New York license plates —– and they have been going door to door to see if they can find anyone who recently fled coronavirus-stricken New York to come to Rhode Island.

Lots of New Yorkers have been fleeing New York and heading for Rhode Island in their desperate attempt to escape the epidemic pandemic at home.

Now I hear that the New York governor is suing Rhode Island over their actions.

My opinion is that Rhode Island wants nothing more than to protect their own citizens from being infected by any fleeing New Yorkers who may have been exposed to the virus and in my opinion, what Rhode Island is doing is not a knee-jerk reaction, but is reasonable and necessary in this time of crisis.

I believe that all Rhode Island is trying to do is identify any migrant New Yorkers who may either have been exposed to the virus or who may be carrying the virus so that those exposed or infected can be tested and quarantined if needed.

I know this kind of story is scary to most Americans who cherish their individual liberties and freedoms above everything else almost …. but these are life and death times and I believe that anyone in authority should have the right and the responsibility to take whatever measures deemed necessary to protect their own citizens.

I believe that it is vitally necessary that everybody who has been exposed to coronavirus needs to be identified and tested and their social interaction trail be followed to discover who else they may have been in close contact with …. That is how the “Curve” of the spread of the disease will be “Flattened.”

I mean to say, folks, that attempts to find and identify potential victims of this disease are not half as horrifying as the idea that Medical professionals have now admitted, all across the country, that they are finding themselves charged with making decisions about who will live and who will die because of shortages in necessary supplies and equipment needed to battle the disease.

I guess unusual times require unusual measures.

It is just a damned crying shame that our beloved leaders in Washington and elsewhere did not have the foresight to get themselves prepared to handle pandemics.

I hope that if this awful thing ever comes to an end that The American People make some dramatic changes in Washington so that if there is a next time, America will not be so vulnerable as they are right now at this moment in time.

The Great Citizen Roundup Has Begun!

I guess a lot of New Yorkers got scared of the fast spreading pandemic that has decimated their city and they took flight and ran as fast as they could run into the State of Rhode Island and elsewhere.

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So now, I hear that theRhode Island National Guard is out and about, stopping all the cars bearing New York license plates — and going door-to-door in search of any people who may have recently fled New York.

So, Rhode Islanders, let me assure you —- If the National Guard comes knocking at your door, there is probably nothing to worry about. — But, in all reality, did you ever think you would see the day?

So what are they doing with the escaped New Yorkers they are finding?

I hear that they are forcibly quarantining them.

Is this the new normal?

I wonder what authorities are going to do about those masses of students and others who gathered together like mindless sardines during the Spring Break season and who have now headed out to destinations all across The U.S.A?

Somebody —– don’t ask me who —- reportedly tracked all those cell phones and those adventurous people who ignored the societal distancing rules at all the beaches and what have you —- many of whom may already be unwitting carriers of coronavirus —- are now happily entrenched in hundreds of places all across the country —- no doubt spreading more of the pandemic without even knowing they have been infected.

Something to think about, isn’t it?

As a little aside here, folks —– We all know that the pandemic can be spread by coughs and sneezes, but what about farts? — Can the pandemic be spread by farts? —- If the pandemic can be spread by farts, how long does the virus linger in the area of the fart and if you smell it, does that mean you are infected?

Just a thought!

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Who Will Be Left To Die Alone As Pandemic Increases?

Let us begin this little horror story with this:

“Advocates for people with intellectual disabilities are concerned that those with Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism and other such conditions will be denied access to lifesaving medical treatment as the COVID-19 outbreak spreads across the country.” —–

We already have been informed that Medical People are going to be making decisions about who will live and who will die as the coronavirus spreads and as medical personnel and equipment and supplies get shorter and shorter in supply! —– “A Michigan health system has acknowledged it’s preparing for hard life-and-death decisions after a hospital letter was circulated online detailing who would be able to receive life-saving resources during the coronavirus pandemic if there’s not enough equipment.”

Read the above referenced quote and more on the story —HERE.

I can only imagine what the plight of the aged and the infirm is going to be under this nightmare scenario! —— “And in northern Italy, doctors took the painful step last week of issuing guidelines for rationing ventilators and other essential medical equipment, prioritizing treatment for the young and others with the best chance of survival.”

You can read the rest of that horror story —- HERE.

This is what you have worked your entire lifetime to support! —– This may soon represent your tax dollars at work for you.

Now we have an idea of who the medical profession is going to target when it comes down to a question of who will live and who will die as this epidemic rages on.  —– What role government may have in these decisions (If they are to have any role in making such decisions at all) is unknown at this point of time. I am sure that if there ever is government involvement in such decisions, such involvement will be rationalized somehow and the medical community will be the fall guys.

I wouldn’t even start thinking about this horrid idea —– and I never did think about it much until it dawned on me one day that Hundreds of Millions (Perhaps even Billions) of dollars could be saved if the Social Security Rolls, The Medicare and Medicaid Roles, The Welfare Rolls and other such like mechanism were somehow relieved of the massive amounts of numbers of people they serve —– and what better excuse than a raging, dangerous, threatening pandemic?

What better opportunity for the fat-assed super rich of this country to hog many billions of more dollars into their already bursting-at-the-seams hoggery?

Is all this conspiracy? —– Is this entire post based on my personal paranoia?

Here is how to answer that question: “Pay close attention to what you are hearing in the daily medical and governmental briefings that are being presented to you in the area where you live every day!”

How often have you heard about those “Difficult” choices that medicine is going to be facing as this pandemic spreads even more?

Even better yet, what are hearing your government saying about what they are doing to make sure those “Painful Decisions” will never have to be made? (and I am not talking about the President’s daily TV appearances either…. I mean what have you heard from your state and local leadership about how they are going to make sure this kind of nightmare does not occur where you live?”

I wonder what lessons the pro-abortionists are learning from this crisis?

I wonder what lessons the Medical people who are saying this shit have already learned from Roe and Wade?