Normal Ain’t Never Coming Back No More!

Get used to the fact that there is never going to be any flattening of the coronavirus pandemic until the evil bug has completely satiated its appetite on every suceptible human being because the god damned fools who have been given instructions on how to flatten the curve absolutely refuse to follow the rules. They either think the covid disaster is “Planned” by government to control their lives and is, therefore, some kind of illusion being spun and sustained by Media …. or they are too damned entrapped by their feelings of arrogance and superiorty that comes from their ideas of what it is to be an American. So, they ignore the rules and help to spread the pandemic and they are never going to change because they are dumbassed ignorant knuckle draggers whose only talent is to breed more of their own kind.

These kinds of fools are not going to be “Mandated” into doing anything they do not want to do no matter what it costs them, their loved ones or other people because they have no regard for anybody or anything but their own selfish instant gratification.

As this pandemic goes on … and go on it will … people in general are going to become to desensitized to its devastation that the very thought of a neighborhood refrigerated truck morgue will become mundane .. blase … ordinary … to be expected … part of daily life for those lucky enough to remain alive … and their worries about their loved ones catching and dying from the plague will be replaced by a sense of “Oh well, whatever is going to happen will happen and, sooner or later, this will affect inter family relationships resulting in a new form of nuclear family unit composed of individuals worried about nothing and nobody but their own individual selves.

tendencies toward favoring mutual aid will be replaced by total self interest and the needs of the “Other Guy” will become totally insignificant.

Shelter will become a pandemic of want and despair in and of itself as the jobless lose their homes and go onto the streets because of the failure of government programs to help them keep roofs over their heads and a new class of homeless will be created … a class of homeless that includes former members of the upper classes who have lost it all and don’t have a pot to piss in while their still-stable peers will cannibalize all possible benefits of their former peers … and the shit will hit the social fan!

Private homes will become a thing of the past as the government starts taking them over and forcing their owners to shelter many more people in their spaces …. The government will knock on the doors of the private homeowner one sweet day and inform them that they are required to take in 7 or 8 more people and shelter them … just like was done in Cuba back in the early Castro days. (No, they will not be compensated either! Don’t even think it!)

The day will come when the government gets the idea that “Covid Camps” are necessary to separate the sick and dying from the healthy and these will become the new leper colonies of the 21st Century. The air will be heavy with the acrid smoke of crematoria trying to keep pace with all the death and leaders like Trump will still sit on their asses doing nothing at all because they don’t know how to cope … and all this will become part of the new normal and whoever is left alive will have to get used to it and suck it up until it comes time for them to join the ranks of the damned.

The day will come, barring a miracle, when the very idea of humane responses to this plague will become impossible and non-existant.

That which was is no more, my friends and will never be again. Get over it!

Inexplicable Irony

There are some things in this old world that I do not understand. It is not that I do not wish to understand. It is just that some things are not very understandable, either by me or by those who are smarter or dumber than I am.

I do consider myself to be relatively smart about most things because I have lived a long long time now and have a whole lot of experience in life and living. The younger folks would tell me, “Oh, you are just an old man and you really have lost touch with how things are and you are incapable of understanding what is important or unimportant anymore. The older folks would tell me, “Oh, just relax and take things as they come because there is nothing you can do that is going to change anything anyway.”

At this age I feel qualified to tell everybody who wants to get in my face about things, “Just fuck everybody who doesn’t think the way I do about everything!” To the degree that I exercise this optional response, I feel like Donald Trump must feel — and when I realize that it is enough to shock me into awareness and to make me search for some other, more reasonable response.”

Whose President?

I believe Trump thinks he is president of a limited number of Americans … the 80-million people who voted for him …. those are “His People” …. the rest of us can go to hell. It seems to me that everything he supports is intended to benefit “His” people and to punish those who did not vote for him in one way or another. Am I wrong in this?

Sunday Night Round Up

I have been scouring the news to try and find something to blog about but I swear that most of what I have been seeing and hearing on normal news channels is mundane, ordinary and downright boring for the most part.

I am glad to see that the Space X crew had a successful splash down after their mission in space — the last such spectacular re-entry and splash down occurred more than 40 years ago. Maybe space is about to become exciting again. I do have one concern, however: Some scientists are now predicting that some microbal life forms may survive beneath the surface of Mars. I just hope that one of those Rovers the scientists are sending up to Mars doesn’t collect any of those microbes as samples to be returned to earth because the result might be more horrific than the coronavirus. In fact, it is not beyond credibility that if there ever was a Martian civilization, it might have been some of those surviving microbes that wiped them out. Science can be scary sometimes.

We learned today that the coronavirus is now extremely “Wide-Spread” in The United States — now having jumped from the major urban areas to the suburbs and the rural areas of the country. So far, The United States also lags far behind in contact tracing, a vaccine, other treatments for the disease … all because of no leadership in Washington, D.C., or because of lax leadership ….. and we are now the country with the most cases of this shit on the face of the planet and we have a president who continues to deny the real dangers of the pandemic … it doesn’t look good for the future, folks. I have never seen an individual so concerned with winning an election that the lives of his citizens are either secondary in importance or mean nothing at all. It is egregious. Yet, his cadre of mindless idiot followers continue to hang onto his nut sack as if he were a God of some kind, always fanatically supporting his every move, defending every idiotic thing he says or does … it really lowers my appreciation for a large portion of what was supposed to have been the human race …. but I am beginning to think of some of the half-educated who support this administration as something a little lower than human … intellectually anyway …. I mean they do still have the ability to breed …. and that could be a danger to future generations in and of itself.

The Bay Area of San Francisco is showing what can happen when people get what I call “Coronavirus Fatigue” and start ignoring all the safety precautions such as masks and social distancing. Read all about it — (HERE). It’s bad enough that total idiots refuse to take safety precautions all over the country. The time is fast approaching when even the worse deny-ers of the danger of this plague are going to learn some hard lessons and they will be the first to start squealing like pigs …. but by that time it will be too late for many of them and I have to admit that I am not going to have one iota of sympathy for any of their ignorant asses. They are dangers to the public health and if they contract the virus because of their arrogance and ignorance it is no sweat off my nose.

The World Health Organization is now warning that the pandemic is going to be “Lengthy” because the epidemiology of it is not yet well-enough understood and the people being affected most seem to be the most careless in doing the things that have been proven to slow the spread either out of ignorance, superstition or mistrust of the authorities … so the plague will continue to ravage us all for a long time to come it seems. The people who are supposed to know about these things are predicting that at least 600-Thousand People will have to die globally because of the pandemic before it is ever anywhere near subsiding. I have personally predicted a global death toll of Two-Million because I believe that to be a more sensible figure given the intransigence of those who are supposed to be finding ways to protect us.

Even The United Kingdom is reported to be looking at locking down London if cases become any worse than they are already and you can read about that — (HERE).

No, it doesn’t look like anything is getting any better anytime soon. I have to look at all this and laugh and ask myself, “Is this what Trump meant when he promised he was going to make America Great again?”

Welcome to the “Greater” America, friends!

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Big Tech Grilled By Congress

I guess the Trump administration must think that Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook are too big and have too much power so they grilled the heads of the media giants in a hearing recently.

If memory serves me right, these big tech giants are private businesses that worked hard to get as big as they are and they do provide what I believe to be essential services to the nation and to the world.

In the face of government interference, I tell you now what I would do if I were the CEOs of these big businesses: I would tell the government to back off or face all four of them liquidating their assets and turning their massive switches to “Off”.

If the government wants to control private enterprise so stringently then the private enterprises under attack should just shut down their services and tell the government, “If you can do better then here is your chance because we are finished!”